About us

About us

Techonindia is a friend to all those who are looking for genuine and out of the box, creative website development. Techonindia is a right place for any business, be it small or big. Right from website designing, to brochure designing and printing.

Favicon design

We also design “Favicon” for companies where we believe it has an impact to have a brand value established. As we mentioned before, we not only develop websites, we even do a kind of mentoring for you that you would find with no other website development company. This comes as a result of our strong development team with more than 12+ years of developing experience. We even pay attention to something which all others developers ignore. Eg: Color Combination. Each color has its own relevance, while red makes the decision making fast and impulsive, yellow is on the smoother front.

Logo design

Have you ever thought of the LOGO? Most of the people just see logo as a simple piece of artwork! This is a myth. Read our blog on the same.

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