Who we are

Who We Are?

Techonindia is a friend to all those who are looking for genuine and out of the box, creative website development. Techonindia is a right place for any business, be it small or big. Right from website designing, to brochure designing and printing, we even deal into all the marketing material that any firm might require. We are transparent and we believe in educating our customers not just manipulating them to make money. Techonindia is loved and revered by its client for its genuine suggestions and feedback, away from the clutter of the world.

Our designs

Our designs are unique, creative and very relevant to our client`s need. We understand that every business has a unique need and designs vary across industries. The color theme, the layout, the technology used, the navigation etc are taken proper care in the websites developed by us.

TechonIndia specializes in website development and has delivered more than 500 unique projects till date. We are known for our intense knowledge about websites. We see website not just as a design rather we believe that there are innumerable factors to be taken care of when getting a website developed.

The fact is that in today`s time, in every nook and corner, you would find a B-tech or a BCA developing websites as his part time. to the sheer lack of knowledge, people usually get biased by price and get their websites designed by them. Gradually they realize that their sites get absolutely no visibility on google and other search engines. On the contrary, we are professionals and expert in our field. Our experience makes us a good service provider for our clients and to everyone`s surprise, we are very cost-effective. “Better things are not always more expensive”.

Website development

Most of the website development companies would not even know minute things while developing websites. Every website has a purpose. We should know what do we want from this website! Whether we want more inquiries, we want more sales, we want more subscriptions, etc. According to the purpose, the designs are developed strategically. There is often a “Call to Action” button which is usually placed above the “fold”. A must for most of the websites!

The time has gone when the website used to carry so many details. It is the era to design websites with crisp and specific data. We understand that the user does not have much time to surf and that ours is not the only website he would visit. Half of the work is done when at a single glance we are able to convey our message to our clients. Then comes proper meta tags, appropriate description, unique and creative content, regular updates on the website, etc which are all mportant to give a good ranking to a site.

Our clients