Corporate identity

Corporate identity

“Brand name is not just a word. It is the beginning of a conversation.” Any point of contact with your end-customer becomes your brand touch point. Your logo is not just a piece of fancy art: it is an epitome of your profession, your organizational culture & your scope of operations.

TechonIndia helps you make your “brand” a “BRAND”.

Your “brand Logo” must be complete and comprehensive & must be updated as and when your Scope of business changes. Your “company brochure, product catalogues, Business Cards, Stationeries like envelops & letterheads” cumulatively speak your “Class” about your business. At first, they might seem a cost, but gradually you`ll realize they were Investments, made just in the right direction.

Company profile

Your “Company profile” is one asset that can be used to create multiple other assets. E- brochures are a modern way where you can facilitate any user to glance over your important details ,sitting anywhere in the world.